I’m Emory, a digital tech, software developer, and general maker in the lovely East Bay town of Emeryville, California.

Most of my projects involve automating some of the tedium digital techs face on set; things like creating capture folders, updating metadata, and setting capture folders in the two seconds an art director isn't paying attention to the computer.

In my free time I work on SwiftGraphics, where I can constantly hear my grade-school math teachers saying "I told you so" and finding ways to make robots draw for me (so I can tell my drawing professors "I told you so"). All of the plots are available for purchase over on my shop.

You can reach me most easily by email at edunn@emorydunn.com1

Digital Capture Services

I'm available for photography automation & scripting projects and as a freelance digital tech. I'm experienced with e-commerce, marketing & catalogue, still life, and location sets.

For more information about my digital tech and automation work, take a look at Lost Cause Photographic

  1. If you're feeling secretive, feel free to use my public key