Apple’s newest product, the HomePod, is quintessential Apple industrial design: minimal as it can be while still having corporeal form. Given that last fact, I decided it would be the perfect product for a contrived little room scene. You know the one: everything perfectly arranged with tasteful design that only exists in a Restoration Hardware catalogue.

As it happened I had access to a nice looking set the weekend the HomePod launched, so all I had to do was show up make it look good and click away.

Unfortunately, I am not a prop stylist. I can get away with a tabletop set and some books, but propping a whole room (especially when you don’t have a whole room’s worth of props) turns out to be a little tricky. I fought the exceedingly minimal industrial loft style for quite some time before deciding to pull the plug and try for an even more minimal style.

I still wanted the hard light from the room scene, but instead of long shadows from a simulated late-in-the-day sun I kept the shadow small and close.


I always find it fun peel back the base layer of any photo to see all that was done to it.1

Most of the work went into cleaning up all of the damage on the painted stripe in the foam core. Only a hint of the negative fill was needed to add some separation on the left edge.

  1. It’s like a far less interesting version of the ILM Star Wars effects reels.