Capturebot Beta Updates

20 May 2019 ∞

Capturebot is slowly inching closer to being ready for its release. Over the weekend I posted a new version of the beta that contains, as they say, "but fixes and improvements."

Links to the Outside World

This probably should have been done sooner, but the app now has a link to the website to make downloading the server a little easier.

I've also set up a Slack channel for reporting bugs & feature suggestions and even a Twitter account1.


With big shotlists searching is crucial. Equally important is being able to actually do things with the results. The swipe actions in search results will now perform their actions on the correct record.


For anyone grouping by name the records now follow the more logical sort method if numbers are present.

The iPad now does a 50/50 split so long record names aren't truncated.


Check out the project page for more information and to join the beta!

  1. Which got suspended after a single day!