I've written rather a lot about Capturebot, but it's almost never been the same piece of software. It's been a name in search of the right project, and if I'm lucky this will be it.

Something that I end up dealing with quite often is embedding metadata in images. Usually this involves a lot of copying and pasting from a spreadsheet (or worse: a PDF), double checking that the formatting, splitting keywords up properly, ensuring every image has the right metadata, etc. I'm sure every digital tech knows the drill.

Capturebot Redux

The new incarnation of Capturebot is a tool to help manage your metadata. One of the most tedious tasks on a shoot is ensuring every shot has the correct metadata. On larger shoots where each image needs to have the correct keywords, crew names, and product information doing this manually can be time consuming and error prone.

Capturebot will read a CSV, parse the metadata inside, let you map the fields your DAM uses to real EXIF tags, and then assign everything to the correct images.

Filenames in the spreadsheet can be matched in a number of ways. Although the most common is probably using the name as a prefix, you can also set up complex matches using regex to select images based on any criteria.

Public Beta

Capturebot is currently available as a public beta for everyone to test. You can find more information and the download link at capturebot.app.

Please do let me know about any bugs, and even more importantly, any feature requests. I'm hoping to get more techs as beta testers so I can make a better tool for all of us.

You can get a beta license from the Capturebot > Request Beta License menu.