Last week I released the first update to Capturebot, version 2020.2, with a slew of new features and bug fixes. The update is mostly centered around making working with mappings easier.

The biggest change is a shift away from a single window to a document model, which means mappings can now be saved and shared. For a digital tech this is a perfect way to keep different mappings for each client. On the studio side mappings can be easily distributed to workstations for freelance techs on location. Mappings can also be locked to prevent editing.

There are a number of updates related to importing images. Folders of images can now be opened (along with their subfolders) and files can be dropped onto the images view. There's also support for opening audio and video content; anything that Exiftool can write to is supported.

Another major feature is a new, free, write-only mode. After the trial expires Capturebot will still be able to open mappings and write metadata, however none of the mappings can be changed.

The final big update is the addition of a small shotlist view. This brings Capturebot full-circle back to its origins as a shotlist tracking application. The plan is to enhance the shotlist over time and make it a larger part of the application.

You can check out all of the changes and download a trial over at the website.