It's been a little while since I've released an update to Capturebot, but after a couple betas earlier this year version 2021.1 is ready to go. There are a bevy up bug fixes and some important new features that have been a long time coming and bring Capturebot closer to what it's meant to be.

The addition of being able to create capture folders from the datasource's filenames and a new and improved mini-shotlist should really help techs out on set. Plus, the option to write metadata directly via Capture One, which has been disabled since the first beta, is now fully operational. XMP files can be a relic of the past.

There are also four new mapping options, including date conversion, to give even more control over the source metadata.

A handful of bug fixes, like Capturebot no longer freezing while writing metadata and correctly loading some saved datasource settings, makes this one of the biggest released to date.

Go check out all of the details over at the release page.