Last year I released Capturebot Lite, an app designed to do one thing: create folders. Tonight I'm releasing the first major update of the year. This includes all of the usual Bug Fixes and Improvements one expects, plus some fun new features.

The headliner for the release is Manual Filenames. 2022.2 brings the ability to edit and remove them, but also the option to create repeating names for the shoots that don't require anything more than: Shot 1, Shot 2, etc.

The export processing order has also been tweaked a bit. Trimming characters is now the first step and changing the text case occurs before replacing whitespace. This allows for transforming filenames into CamelCase, for instance.

There are also a few UI updates, like rounding out some text fields and matching the order of the whitespace and illegal character replacement order.

The Capturebot website also has a new help section for Capturebot Lite explaining some of the specifics around import and export.

As always, you can download the latest version or let the app update itself.