Digitial techs spend a lot of time organizing files; it's our primary job. We create folders for every shot, use token when processing to organize files automatically, and then trash files into a single folder. Scrolling through thousands of files to find a missing frame isn't exactly fun.

To help solve this I've written a script that adds some order to your session's trash. Running the script trashes the selected variants in an orderly way, think of it as using the Image Folder Name token. Files are sorted into matching folders in the session trash, matching your capture folder.

Need to find an image? No more hunting around, just browse to the shot folder and you're off to the races.

Details and Caveats

When trashing images all in the same favorite the script is optimized to do everything as quickly as possible and takes advantage of batch operations. If trashing from an album where you can see images from multiple folders the script has an alternate mode that isn't as optimized, but is still plenty fast.

The script only mirrors the image folder name, not the entire hierarchy in the session. This might be something I'll add in the future if there's a need for it. If you use more complex session structures let me know.

Capture One famously doesn't handle subfolders well, and the Trash is no exception. When using the script you'll have to browse to the subfolders manually.


If you find yourself wishing for a more organized Trash Experience go download the script and take a look at the rest of the collection. If you find what I do helpful consider supporting my work through either a one-time donation or by becoming a member.